Monday, January 01, 2001

Alternatives in Cloth

These are part of my newest project.

About 6 months ago I finally decided to try a non disposable menstrual product. I quickly fell in love with my new cup and started researching other types of products. I found that there are lots of women using cloth pads. After looking at countless sites and trying a number of different styles I hit upon one I really like. The other member of my household prefers the circles you see above. One side benefit of this type of thing is the fun of finding new patterns. It makes an uncomfortable thing much more pleasant. There are all the normal benefits as well: more comfortable, less bleeding, cheaper than disposables, and better for the landfill.

Shopping for fabric has been interesting at times. Both times I've gotten fabric cut I've been asked what type of project I'm working on. I've gotten some amusing comments. It seems younger women are a bit more open-minded and at least act interested. One older woman was shocked and wanted to know if I meant I was making them for use in the United States! Of course it probably threw people for a loop that I had the whole family with me the last time. This new hobby is becoming a bit addictive and I'm thinking it's time to start selling some of the ones I make, otherwise I may end up with my sewing room taken over by cute flannel and finished pads that will never be used.