Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Training continues

The last 2 days with the horses have been very stressful. Sunday we tried to trim Sierra's hooves, what a nightmare. After 2.5 hours of fighting I was able to get them rasped down a bit but I still want to round the edges off a bit so we can great rid of a few flares. Yesterday she decided she didn't want to load in the trailer. She trailered great last week but yesterday she acted like she had never seen the trailer before. Once we got her to the trainer's facility she did great under saddle so we are really pleased with that aspect of her training. Sierra now goes forward when asked to and stops pretty well. Since she is so young it's like dealing with a toddler, she has good days and not so good days. The amount of time Lorna spends on her back is really short because of her age. She spends most of her training time tied to a hitching post since she still doesn't like standing still. We had another fight getting Sierra back in the trailer to go home.

The pony Lorna is working with fell over on her yesterday after getting spooked. She would have been fine if he hadn't smashed her nose in the process of getting up. Lorna is alright but her nose is swollen and will probably be bruised in a few days. We are taking today off because everyone needs a break!

We upgraded the fencing in Sierra's pen over the weekend. We originally had barbless wire but I didn't like the way she was pushing at it so we upgraded to poly strapping made for equine fencing. It's not working, she pushes against it and tries to walk through it when she's mad so today we are adding wood in-between the strapping. I've even considered adding electric poly tape to the top of the fence but that will be a very last resort. Someday we will be able to afford pipe corrals and I won't have to worry about fencing quite so much.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Definitely Not Bored

Remember when I wrote about being bored?

Well now that the holidays are over I'm completely pressed for time. This has been an unusual week so we've been out everyday since Saturday and will continue to go out everyday until Sunday. Lorna is spending every morning riding 2 horses at her instructor's facilities and then she comes home and rides Ginger. We are trading in our 2 horse trailer for a 3 horse trailer so this morning was spent at the bank signing paperwork. We are upgrading our horse fence in Sierra's pen while she is staying at the trainer's facilities so that has required lots of physical labor and some shopping at the feed store. Our Sweet Adeline's chorus has a retreat and coaching this weekend but we are only going on Friday because Saturday is taken up with a gymkhana show where Lorna will be riding 2 horses. Paul's car key is stuck in the iginition and won't come out. And I really need to finish the chicken coop. Somewhere in there I'm finding time to cook and do school although I haven't had enough time to make bread or clean. I no longer have time to be bored!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


All work on the chicken coop has stopped until we get settled in our new routine. Lorna has worked the last 2 mornings with her riding instructor and we will be there at least the next 2 mornings. She was able to ride the pony she's helping with on a trail ride yesterday.

It amazes me how quickly this horse picking things up.

Today we took Sierra down with us. Since Lorna is helping out, her instructor has offered to help Lorna with the training on her new horse. I couldn't ask for a better person help Lorna, she really is wonderful. Today Lorna worked on a few things with Sierra and even got up on her for a few minutes.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


We had a very surprising day, Lorna found the perfect horse. She has always dreamed of owning a mustang and now that dream has come true. Sierra is just over 2 years old and came from an awesome home. Her previous owners have given her a really great start and we look forward to seeing what she will do in the years to come.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Coop Pictures

The coop has been coming along quickly since the weather has been so nice. The trim is on so the remaining projects are the roof, people door, windows, and the pop door for the chickens. I haven't been able to get any mis-tint paints from the hardware store so we will probably end up using some left overs from previous projects.

Here is what it look like right now.

We have taken some time out from building to get the kids a riding lesson. Since the weather has been cooperating Lorna has been able to continue working with her instructor on gentling that pony. She was able to work with him on Thursday and Friday and will be going back on Monday. At this point she has started riding without being on a line attached to the instructor's horse. They went around the neighborhood on Friday and both the pony and Lorna did great.

We have decided that it's time to start looking for a more challenging mount for Lorna. Her skill has progressed to the point that her older mare just isn't challenging her anymore. Even though we have been told that now is a great time to buy a horse our initial search hasn't turned anything up. In fact a horse we were supposed to go look at today was sold last night. I guess it will be another lesson in patience!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


We finally decided to take the plunge and get chickens this year. I ordered day old chicks which should arrive the first week of February. For the first time ever we've started animal housing before we actually needed it.

This is how far we had gotten by the end of today.

I'm really pleased with how quickly this is going together. If we can get it finished by next week the weather is supposed to be warm enough that I can paint.

We are using the left over plywood we scavenged a few months ago. Unfortunately we had to buy 2x4s and a bunch of hardware. Since we are using scavenged wood I tried to make the walls and door fit the cuts that were already lying around. On the whole we are going to have a well built coop for less than half the cost it would have been without scavenging. I've had lots of fun searching through my new favorite site for coop ideas. Of course this project hasn't been without a few mistakes, the biggest one being a framing mistake. I accidentally made the walls 3.5 inches taller than the plywood. To fix it I'm going to have to install a trim piece along the bottom of each wall to cover the gap. Not the end of the world but still a little frustrating.

Monday, January 05, 2009

New Project

I have a new project in the works. I'm an impatient sort of person so this one is difficult because the end result is dependent on a company. Even they are dependent on nature so I'm just having to learn to be patient. Here are a few pictures of the start we made this weekend. Can you guess what it's going to be?


We watch a lot of movies. Mostly at night either while I'm cooking or while we are eating dinner. We definitely make good use of Netflix usually watching whatever came in the mail that day. Here is a list of some of the movies we've enjoyed recently.

Mama Mia!
We watched it twice this weekend. I absolutely love the music.

This one was just a lot of fun, Malachi laughed through the whole thing.

Definitely, Maybe
This one is cute and the ending was a great surprise.

I know this has some bad reviews but we absolutely loved it.

This one has a lot of sexual references but it was a very good story.

This is a great independent film.

If you are looking for things to watch with the family make sure you check out the ratings before ordering. We are very lax about what we let our kids watch so what we think is appropriate may not be for your family. If you have Netflix there is a great feature on each movie's page that tells you specifically why a movie was given the rating it has.