Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More adjustments

I'm having a really difficult time getting myself motivated to do anything on my days off from work. I get the house stuff done, I get the errands done, but nothing else. I'm really behind in my sewing. I have stuff that's been hanging over my head for weeks and I really need to restock my stores!

I'm starting to have more adjustment problems at work as well. I know rationally that my morals and values do not coincide with everyone else. It's really difficult to keep that perspective when you are faced not only with customers but fellow employees who flaunt things that I would be ashamed off. I'm learning to keep my mouth shut and not comment when things are said. The last thing I need is to make trouble! I keep telling myself it's a learning opportunity :)

The house has finally been put back on the market as a short sale. The weather has been so hot (100+) that it's been difficult to get any work done on the new property. We have to move the dog run and two sheds and then we can move out there. The RV is as ready as it's going to get so my goal is to be out there within a month. We will leave the rest of our belongings here and pack and move them as time allows. The money we had saved for a container to store our stuff in has been used to live and pay bills so I'm hoping that we can save enough to get one before we have to get everything out of the house. If not, we may end up renting a storage unit short term.

Overall things have gotten better. Between Paul's 2 jobs and my job we are at the point where we can once again survive and even slowly pay off some bills. It's nice to have a little breathing room but it's difficult not to go out and spend everything we bring in replacing things that are wearing out. I'm relearning how to be extremely frugal and it's been interesting!

Monday, July 05, 2010


So I'm still adapting to working.

I'm a little frustrated, the schedule for this week (which started today) wasn't up until today. I asked for Saturday morning off and didn't get it even though no one else had a request in, I guess this is something I'll have to become accustom to.

I'm enjoying the actual work but I'm still coming home very sore. This could be because I've been working 8 hour shifts. Since I've been home for so long there have been some adjustments that have been difficult. Rules are not clearly laid out so there have been instances where I've broken a rule unknowingly. I find out about the rule because I broken it :( I'm a very black and white person so it's been difficult for me not to have things clearly spelled out. I'm looking at these experiences and difficulties as growth opportunities, I figure I'm becoming more flexible.

Overall things are going well just really, really busy!