Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Shower pictures

Here are the promised pictures of our bathroom remodel.

We started with Paul cutting out the old shower enclosure.

Here are the bare walls and mess that was generated after we finished cutting out the old junk.

Paul and I cut the Hardibacker to fit in the bare walls. At first we used a circular saw but found that scoring and snapping the pieces was much easier and less dusty.

Malachi really wanted to help throughout the whole project. We needed to replace a few of the spacer strips of wood that leveled out the wall because they had rotted.

Here I am putting on the first few rows of tile. This particular wall was a nightmare because of the window. I would have loved to put glass block in the window but we needed the ventilation.

This is a picture of the spider that came to visit the first night we were putting tiles up. The hole in the wall is the size of a quarter and the spider couldn't get it's body through the hole! The legs you see are just the bottom tips of his long hairy legs. We are going to be replacing the light bar and medicine cabinet with a mirror and light so we will be closing up this hole.

It took two days but we finished the tiles and proceeded to grout last night. I didn't expect it to take 5+ hours so we were there until almost 2am. Needless to say we haven't gotten any school work done the past two days. I disregarded the instructions on the grout about wearing gloves and am paying the price today. I have tiny puncture wounds and blisters on the tips of 4 fingers.

Here is the finished product of almost a week's worth of work. It was definitely worth it!

We have a few days to wait before we can seal the grout. We will be installing the new shower hardware tonight and getting the floors ready for our new flooring. I am looking forward to working in some room other than the bathroom.


Presbytera said...

That is beautiful Kim! I refuse to believe that is Malachi -- he's much too big : )

Marie N. said...

Hello Kim! I thought you were in Colorado.

This post is like looking into my future! We have a bathroom that we will be taking down to the studs, hopefully this fall. The former owners of our house put wood paneling around the shower stall of the only bathtub in the house. Plus the ceiling needs to be replaced, and a heat duct added into the room.

Hope ours looks as good as yours when completed.

Charity said...

I have been there! You will just love having that tile. My dh and I did 3 bath tub surounds until we wised up and figured out the tile would really be worth the extra money. I just my love tiled bath tub/shower.

Jane said...

It looks great Kim! But I didn't like the looks of that spider! Ugh.

Malachi's hair has grown. :)