Friday, December 01, 2006

Dog House

This was my project for yesterday.

Temperature here took a dive a few days ago and I was feeling really guilt that I had put off building the dog house. So yesterday I was able to almost finish it. The shingles will go on in the next day or so and we will paint it as soon as I can find some clearance exterior paint, but it will do.

This is the fourth dog house we have built in the past 6 years. Each time we have had to leave them behind because they are too heavy. Since we have always had large dogs, and now we have 4, the house has to be able to accommodate all of them. That size house has to be assembled in place since it can't be moved once it's done. This time I got smart. Each of the sides has the framing attached so we were able to move each of the walls, the floor, and the roof in pieces and put the last few screws in at the site. We should be able to dismantle it when we move. It's not as cute as the first house we built, that one looked like Snoopy's house, but it will work.

I felt guilty for nothing, two of the dogs spent the night sleeping on the dirt. I guess the cold doesn't really bother them.

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Marie N. said...

Well, I'm glad the dogs are happy, wherever they sleep. When the bitter cold comes they'll hunker down in there. Nice work on the construction.