Friday, February 16, 2007

Deck views and goals

I was going to wait until everything was moved into the new rooms before I posted more pictures but then I realized I might never get there!

Every time I turn around I seem to be finding things that need to be moved, cleaned, or arranged so I gave up waiting.

Malachi's loft bed is the dividing line for his area. He has lots of space to play between his bed and the wall. When we finally went through all his tubs we found that he had a lot less than we thought, most of them were less than half full.

Here is the room that used to contain the table, Malachi's things, and the sofa. Now it's just a living room!

Cleaning and arranging have left me lots of time to think about what our goals are for the future. We have finally come to the realization that no matter where we live we are never gonna be comfortable financially. Each move has had the promise of a better income and each time it hasn't happened. Some of this has finally hit home because I just finished the taxes. We made less last year than before I got out of college 10 years ago! It seems so pathetic to think we are going backwards and not forward. At the same time I can look at the fact that we live in one of the most expensive areas of the country and we are making it, even if it is tight.

So I think we both have realized that it's time to make some goals that can be actually achieved. We both know that we don't want to be in CA forever, in fact the sooner we can leave the better. But soon might not be for a number of years so we want to spend the next few years figuring out where we want to try next. I'm hoping having a goal will help to make our time here more palatable.

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Presbytera said...

It is just gorgeous. How 'bout some pictures of the view you have outside? I imagine you want to spend all your time in that spacious room now!

The good news about the tax return is that I bet you paid a whole lot less taxes last year, right?

Getting past the financial goals, you have benefitted greatly from living off the grid -- in ways that you might not even notice. You made less but you got a great exercise program for free : ) You made less but you increased your ability to live independently for free : ) Some people have to pay big bucks and attend seminars to learn what your family has learned in your journey these past several years.

I hope moving out of CA results in moving closer to OH!