Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Taylor Swift

Lorna received her first CD yesterday. She listens to a lot of our music but this was the first time she asked for something that would be hers. I was able to get the deluxe edition of Taylor Swift's CD for her stocking. One thing that jumped out at me was the wholesomeness of the songs. Normally when you listen to music sung by young artists the songs are about mature themes, this wasn't the case. The songs were fun and cute, exactly what I want our 12 year old listening to! There was also a DVD included that had some videos and interviews.

Our day seemed a bit harried but that's always the case when we spend the morning at church. Due to the long drive and getting up so early we didn't actually get around to opening gifts until 5pm after we all got up from our naps. It made for a very relaxing evening that ended way too soon.


Elizabeth said...

Alex LOVES Taylor Swift. :) Be careful, though, very careful... these are songs that get stuck in your head. :p

Merry Christmas!

Karin said...

We love Taylor Swift as well. It is just perky nice to me. Anna has it.