Saturday, January 19, 2008

January Gymkhana

Today's show went great! Lorna rode Ginger for the first time in a gymkhana show. She received 4 1st places, 2 second, 1 fourth place, and the Hi Point Award for her division. Her new instructor told her she did incredibly and thought that both Ginger and Lorna looked relaxed.

Malachi spent the day picking up manure again. He's such the little businessman,he came away with $22 from the riders. Most of the riders are very happy not to have to worry about cleaning up after their horses.


Marie N. said...

Congratulations for all those awards and for the entrepreneurship.

Presbytera said...

Fantastic on both counts! It looks like your decision to change instructors was a good one. High 5's for Lorna and her ribbons/awards/achievement

You rock, Malachi! I love a go-get-em-guy.