Monday, September 28, 2009

Job News

3 months ago Paul was head hunted by a competitor of his current employer. After numerous interviews and negotiations we had written off the whole idea because the numbers just didn't make sense. Last week the company came back with a better offer so Paul has decided to take it.

Unlike many industries, you cannot give 2 weeks notice. When you decide to change employers you are terminated the day you give your resignation. Today is the day that he hands in that letter and he starts his new position tomorrow.

We are very excited but also a little apprehensive. The position has the means to put us in a much better financial position but there is no safety net, it's straight commission which is something we've never done before. If he didn't know the industry or hadn't been doing the same type of job for the last 3 years I don't think we would have even considered it. But he has had a very tough year with his current employer and was going to be losing his biggest accounts as of the first of next year. He had been looking for second job for a few months so we would be in a better position when that happened and wasn't having any luck. The new position will allow him to have only one job and I can continue to stay home! We prayed about it and made the decision to go forward, we have faith that God will provide so we are trying not to stress.


Morgan the Muse said...

Sounds like a fair amount of stress over there. Last I heard he was thinking about a job change, so good to hear it is happening. Good luck with all that and stuff.

Oh, and, tell him I started watching Doctor Who when Tom Baker played the part. The guy with the scarf, 1978? He should know what I mean. If he doesn't, then I really really need to keep better track of who I talk to.

Karin said...

Hey. Praying for you all and hope all goes well. I am sure there is more than a little apprehension but proceeding in faith, I am sure all will work out one way or another. Thank you for sharing.