Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Great News!

Paul had a number of interviews last week and on Friday he was offered a job!

He will be working for a company selling payroll and payment solutions. The company has good ratings from it's employees and seems to have good training and compensation plans. The interesting thing is that Paul had no intention of even considering a job with this company but went to the interview because the company is rated the #1 place to work in the service industry. Paul was extremely impressed with the company and what they had to offer so that is why he decided that it would be a good fit for him.

Paul also received another offer of employment yesterday which he had to turn down. The manager wanted him enough that he said to please give him a call if the new position doesn't work out :)

I received a call from the market asking if I was still interested in employment. I went in to talk to the hiring manager as she requested but was told I would receive a call today to further discuss the opportunity. I'm a little frustrated with the hurry up and wait but it would be nice to get a job in town. I do have a position lined up as a back up driver for Meals On Wheels but that isn't something that is consistent.

I had an interview at Starbucks last week. During the interview the manager spent his time avoiding eye contact and then talking to his friends at the tables next to us in between questions. At the end of the interview he just stood up and walked over to their table. I was shocked at the lack of professionalism from this guy. Other than that I haven't received any other calls for interviews. I seem to be too educated for anything that doesn't require much experience and I don't have enough experience for jobs that require education. At this point I don't absolutely have to have a job but it would be nice to enough breathing room to start saving again.

Our land closed, we have had much of the sagebrush scraped off, and the RV has been moved onto it. We've been going out there and working on getting the RV in a livable condition and planning out where things will be going. I'm getting excited about the upcoming adventure and am looking forward to moving out there. The neighbors have all been really nice and helpful so I think it will be a great place for us. Things are progressing with our current mortgage company so hopefully the house will go on the market soon as a short sale. It's the perfect time to list the property since it's summer and this is the time of year people look for vacation homes. Overall most of our goings on have been really positive for a change!


Lisa said...

Congratulations to your husband! That is so awesome how God works things out. I will keep praying that you find something that will work for your family. And good luck with the move, will be praying all goes well with that, too! Hang in there! :)

muddyboots said...

Congrats to Paul! I was so glad to drop by and see a positive update.

:) Praying with you as you start yet another new adventure!