Monday, July 05, 2010


So I'm still adapting to working.

I'm a little frustrated, the schedule for this week (which started today) wasn't up until today. I asked for Saturday morning off and didn't get it even though no one else had a request in, I guess this is something I'll have to become accustom to.

I'm enjoying the actual work but I'm still coming home very sore. This could be because I've been working 8 hour shifts. Since I've been home for so long there have been some adjustments that have been difficult. Rules are not clearly laid out so there have been instances where I've broken a rule unknowingly. I find out about the rule because I broken it :( I'm a very black and white person so it's been difficult for me not to have things clearly spelled out. I'm looking at these experiences and difficulties as growth opportunities, I figure I'm becoming more flexible.

Overall things are going well just really, really busy!

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