Friday, June 30, 2006


This working at a small business is highly overrated!

We really want to own our own business. So when this opportunity came up to work with his mom and stepfather so we could eventually take over the business, we thought it would be a great thing. There are great things about it, we don't have to worry about the way his boss feels out our wacky lifestyle. There are a lot of things that the business can pay for like insurance and cars. The one huge drawback is medical coverage.

The business is too small to have it's own plan so we had to apply for private coverage. The cost was better than we hoped for but they are really strict about who they will cover. After waiting 4+ weeks we received the approval for part of the family. I say part because they refused coverage for our daughter. I still don't have an approval for myself so they may deny me for all we know.

The frustrating thing is that we don't use the coverage much. Our daughter sees a specialist twice a year and has lab work done each time, but that's it. She hasn't been hospitalized since we started homeschooling. They didn't even offer us a conditional acceptance excluding her genetic disorder. It's very frustrating.

We are against government insurance. I don't believe the federal government has a right to offer such things. That's not what the government is for. I'm not sure what I think about the state government offering health care coverage. I don't want to apply for government coverage for the kids, there are always strings attached. But the cost and amount of coverage is so tempting. The last few years, we have had insurance that covered next to nothing. Last Year we paid a ridiculous amount in co-pays and deductibles. If we go without insurance this year we will have to save a huge amount of money to cover the few doctor visits and labs we will use. The state coverage would cost next to nothing and the co-pays would amount to $50 for the entire year! Plus the glasses and dental visits would be covered. I just have to keep reminding myself that the cost to my conscience would be greater than any monetary gain.

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