Thursday, June 29, 2006

Why Less Is More?

That seems to be my mantra as of late. Partly it's coming out of our yurt adventure with no electricity or running water. It's also because we are buying a ridiculously small home. But mostly it's because it fits.

It's something I'm trying to teach my family. We can have a lot by having a little. We don't need the latest gadgets or the biggest home. We have made a commitment to homeschool and live on one income, that means we need to be careful what we spend. That one income has steadily decreased since we started homeschool 5+ years ago. We are almost completely out of debt, just the school loan to go, and boy do we feel free!

So here we are, paring down our possessions once again to fit into that 600 sq.ft home.

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Deb B said...

I have never heard of a yurt and I am now fascinated by your experience. I wish you good health and happiness and I admire your tenacious spirit!