Friday, March 23, 2007

I guess this is why...

I was wondering why people couldn't mind their own business. I got my answer on another topic but I think it applies to my earlier post...

I saw the following response to a post on the possible banning of incandescent bulbs in the Ontario, Canada (article here)

I can see why you're a 'reluctant' Californian. So you're saying that if a few million people want to waste large amounts of energy, putting tons of extra carbon into the atmosphere, and releasing heavy metals into the water treatment system, they should be able to pollute everyone else's air and water?
If you've got your own planet, go ahead and pollute it. But as long as you're sharing one with everyone else, you have to make some sacrifices or you're harming everyone.
And if you do live in California, you're going to be more restricted than most Americans on making poor environmental choices.
So I guess this is it. We should all give up our freedoms so that others can save the environment. Where does it end? Will the restrictions ever get too invasive?

Here's is my thinking... These restrictions don't have anything to do with saving the world. If that was the case you would be able to get a mortgage on a solar home that isn't grid tied. Or you wouldn't be restricted on the size of the solar system you can put in, as we are here. It's about control. In this case the government wants control over what type of bulb you use in your lamp. In other cases, it's your neighbor who wants control over how you landscape you property, or what kind of home you can build, or whether you have a useless "shelter" for your horse.

Personally, I have enough to worry about in my own life. I don't want to worry about my neighbors. If they want to park a bunch of rusted out cars in their yard and call it landscaping that's fine with me. If they want to build a second story or run their electric bill up by foolish choices, I don't care. But I also want the same courtesy shown to me. I want to be left alone to live my life the way I want. If it's not hurting their physical body or destroying their property then it's none of their business what I do. If they don't like what I'm doing they can either buy me out or move, but I'm sick of people complaining because they want to run everyone else's life!

For those who feel the need to regulate everything, where will it end? What happened to freedom? The need to not offend or pollute or (insert the current pc subject here) seems to have eradicated the very thing which we claim we have...

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Elizabeth said...

I don't think it will ever end.

And I find it funny that all of this "control" stems from people wanting things their own way - like to protect "their" property values. I'd like to see some of these people's faces when suddenly the new law goes against what they want to do, which is bound to happen sooner or later. :)

Still, what you said about financing off-grid homes bothers me. Lack of corporate responsibility REALLY bothers me. I hate the whole American concept of "If they'll buy it, we'll sell it" regardless of consequences. I hate American consumerism and its concept of "If I want it, you better make it... and cheaply!" And my biggest pet peeve... planned obsolescence. HELLO! Why can't we make a curling iron that will last more than two years and then end up in a dump? My heart bleeds for the Maytag repairman... not because his brand is any better, but because folks just throw away the broken one rather than calling him.