Thursday, March 01, 2007


We have had lots of snow, for us, so we have been forced to stay inside for the last 4 days or so. Typical of the weather here it is bright and sunny today with only a little of the snow holding over in sheltered places.

Since we were stuck inside I decided to catch up on a few sewing projects. I finished a skirt and top for Lorna.

The long overdue shower curtain is completed and up. I didn't realize how the old one made the room look so dark. The new one isn't anything really special, being simple and cream colored, but it doesn't detract from the tile in the shower like the old one did. I also made a panel to cover the wall cabinet, now all our junk is hidden.

Yesterday I spent the entire day cutting and ironing pattern pieces for a suit of Malachi. This is my least favorite part of sewing! The suit has a jacket, pants, and vest so the number of pieces is overwhelming. After looking at the pieces and scanty instructions I'm not too sure if it is gonna turn out. So far every time I've said that about a project it's turned out just fine but we will see.

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Marie N. said...

The skirt and blouse look great on her. Cool and comfortable. I cannot wait for the weather here to be appropriate for that kind of clothing :-)
I am not so accomplished with a sewing machine. I don't think I've made any non-play clothing since college.