Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas Parade

I couldn't have been more pleased with the way things went at the Christmas parade!

Just to give you an idea of why this was such a groundbreaking thing I need to explain how far Lorna has come with Ginger. When she first saved up and purchased her horse 2 years ago her expectation was that Ginger would be a great beginner horse. The acquaintance we bought her from had purchased the horse at an auction and only had her for 6 months before he sold her to us. He really wanted to help Lorna get her first horse so he sold her for a lot less than she was worth.

Lorna didn't have much experience with riding so she really needed a "kid-proof" horse. Ginger quickly found that she could take control and promptly threw Lorna off twice. After that Lorna would only sit on the horse and have us lead her around. Once we got settled here we told Lorna she either had to work with Ginger or sell her because the cost of upkeep was too much for a lawn ornament. She started lessons in August and now is able to maintain control of her horse. Today she proudly rode Ginger down the street with sirens blaring and people cheering. Never once did Ginger give her a problem, that's a long way from throwing Lorna off and running down the road! Lorna is now confident enough that she is going to ride Ginger at her next gymkhana event.

The group Lorna rode with (they won 1st place for the equestrian division).

Coming down the street.

Lorna and Ginger

Malachi greatly enjoyed all the candy the various participants threw to the spectators.


Marie N. said...

Great news!

What breed is Ginger? Is she a paint? And I'm not sure if "paint" refers to coat markings, breed, or both.

Glenda said...

Congrats to Lorna! Learning a little myself about how a horse acts through my own daughters learning to ride, I can fully appreciate this great accomplishment! I can imagine how proud and confident Lorna is riding Ginger.

Kim said...

Ginger is commonly referred to as a paint. Technically a paint horse is a horse with markings similar to Ginger and is supposed to have either registered Paint, Quarter Horse, or Thoroughbred parents. We have no idea what her parents were and she is not registered. Everyone we've met has called her a paint but I'm sure if we came across someone who was involved with the APHA (American Paint Horse Association) they might call her a pinto since that distinction is based solely on color and markings:)