Monday, February 11, 2008

More horse pics

We spent all day Saturday at yet another gymkhana show. There were a lot more kids than normal so it made for a long day. Lorna did well and got her best ever time in the speedball event, this event requires you run up to a cone and drop a golf ball in the top. Usually she has problems lining her horse up alongside the cone close enough to bend over and drop the ball, this time she got Ginger lined up perfectly on the first try. It was a fun day for Lorna since she got to try out her new tack and matching blanket. We have made plans to have Lorna ride in the Whiskey Flats Day parade next Saturday.

Malachi did his usual manure scooping and brought home more donations from his "fans". I completed the major task of finishing our taxes and having them accepted via e-file. It's a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and we are already making plans to spend the refund on some much needed home improvements.


Scott said...

Congrats to Lorna for the horse skills, and to you for the tax skills! I am always glad to be done with my taxes too!

Your weather looks lovely. We're having 2deg and 9 inches of snow tonight!

Marie N. said...

That girl looks tuckered!

And I'm still impressed with Malichi finding a money making opportunity.