Monday, February 25, 2008

Surgery Scheduled

After months of fighting with insurance and doctors, Lorna's surgery is scheduled for March 14th. The surgeon said they expect her to be released on the Sunday following. Since we live 3+ hours away we decided to get a room as close to the hospital as possible. UCLA has a hotel for families of patients but they are booked, the school has a hotel and it's booked as well. We found a small hotel that offers little more than a bed and bathroom a few blocks away that had a room available, they don't provide parking. I think we have all the problems worked out, we plan on paying for hospital parking and then walking to the hotel. Maybe I'm just cheap but it seems a bit much to charge patients for parking. Since they charge $8 every time you enter the structure (even if it's the same day) we don't plan on moving the car until it's time to leave.


Marie N. said...

It is good that you were able to find a room close by. I wonder if it might be worthwhile to keep checking the other locations to see if an opening might become available for you.

Best withes for Lorna. No fun, but it is good to get it over and done with.

Elizabeth said...

Parking at Vanderbilt is free for patients and their visitors. I'm with you... asking them to pay to park is rediculous.