Wednesday, May 28, 2008


We celebrated Malachi's birthday last weekend. Technically his birthday was yesterday but since we had a 3 day weekend we took advantage of it.

As we were planning our activities I was surprised at how many things were closed. We knew we wanted to get out of the valley because it was overrun with tourists. We had planned to go to the county museum on Monday but it was closed so we ended up going to the movies instead. We saw the new Indiana Jones movie, it was perfect for a 10 year old boy!

Yesterday on Malachi's actual birthday we celebrated with dinner and rice crispy treats since he doesn't like cake.

His favorite gift was the whoopee cushion his sister bought him. We are all being treated to gross sounds and lots of laughter!

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Susan said...

It is AMAZING what glorious presents a sister can come up with -- things that would not be a mother's choice but definitely thrill the brother!