Wednesday, May 21, 2008

May Gymkhana

Lorna was able to ride in the May show held last Saturday. She did great! She moved up into a higher division in 3 of her times. That means her times were too fast for the division she was riding in before. She continues to far surpass our expectations with this horse that she was scared of last August.

Malachi continued with manure duty making $25 with the extra tips he got for working in the 100+ degree weather. Paul and I even helped out by setting up courses.

We ended up the day at the museum in town since it was the weekend for "History Days". The hot weather made for a low turnout but we enjoyed the little we saw.

Oh and I'm happy to announce that my store made it's first sale this week!

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Glenda said...

Congrats all around - Lorna, Malachi, and you!