Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Parade

The annual town Christmas Parade was this morning. We were lucky that the weather was nice even though it was a bit too warm for my tastes.

Unfortunately the parade started off on a bad note as one of the spectators got run over by a float. The rest of the event, the part I actually saw, turned out really well. Our club received an award for best equestrian group.

Paul and I walked with the gymkhana group as they rode their horses. We were in charge of picking up any lost decorations. The walk down the parade route was fine, the walk back to the beginning through traffic with our horses wasn't too much fun.

This was the first parade for Amigo and Malachi. They did great and we are really pleased that both of our kids' horses are so calm.


Morgan the (Almost) Muse said...

geez, someone got ran over? Crazy.

Our Christmas Parade was Friday night... it is a lighted parade, see. We did not go, again, because it was televised and we did not feel like braving the cold. I think it snowed. :( But I am glad that your parade was warm enough! :D

Marie N. said...

I'm glad the parade went well for your horses -- walking back through traffic would make me skittish!

Is the spectator all right?

Kim said...

I'm not sure about the spectator.

She fell underneath the float was run over and then the float settled back on her chest. She was alert on the way to the hospital though so that was probably a good sign.

She was 70 years old (old enough to know better) and shouldn't have been trying to jump on a moving float.