Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Medical Insurance

I know I posted before about the fact that Lorna was denied private medical insurance due to pre-existing conditions. After that happened we broke down and put her on state medical because she needed surgery. All my beliefs about not taking government assistance went out the window when my kid needed medical care I couldn't provide. We are losing that coverage at the end of this month and I was perfectly fine with that until yesterday.

She had a follow-up appointment with the surgeon who wants to do a quick, 5 minute, outpatient scope to make sure everything has healed nicely. The scope is something that has to be done under anesthesia. The cost that was billed for the first scope prior to surgery was around $6,000. With the employer provided insurance that the kids are being added to we would be responsible for $2,100. When I asked about getting exact amounts and making payments I was told that it wasn't possible. The surgeon's office has put in a request for an extension of coverage with the state for this procedure and a follow up appointment. I'm frustrated that they won't take payments and can't give me actual cost amounts for the procedure.

I feel lucky that we have an medical coverage but I long for the days of the past when major things were covered with the payment of a small co-pay.

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