Monday, June 15, 2009

Organizing and Cleaning

I've been very lax the last few months. I've cleaned the kitchen and bathroom but not much else. It's difficult to make myself do anything when the house goes back to looking dirty just an hour later. We've talked about putting the house on the market for the past few months. Where we live now is just not conducive to the way our life is going. I've mentioned before that we live up a one lane road that goes up about 2500 feet over 2 miles, towing a horse trailer down that road a couple times a week gets really old. We had talked to a real estate agent last month but gave up on the idea of putting the house on the market because we figured we owed too much.

We received a message last Thursday that the agent wanted to speak with us. It turns out he has someone looking for a home in the area we are in and the price range is right. From the description the buyer gave him it sounds like our home is exactly what he's looking for. We decided we didn't have anything to loose if we put the house on the market so we've spent the last 3 days cleaning. We aren't done yet...

I always forget how many books we have. Paul brought home boxes so we could pack them all up so there was more open space. He didn't bring home enough boxes so we just consolidated everything into 2 bookcase and took the other three out. We also moved everything around to let more light into the house. I don't know why we didn't do this sooner! The house is much more open and spacious with things moved around. Of course we had to pack up a bunch of stuff to do it so that's probably why it was so cluttered.

I still have to do some dusting and moping in the main areas of the house, but I really need to tackle my sewing area in the deck. Trying to sew, package, and store fabrics for my store have made quite a mess in that little area. Today I will be organizing and straightening it out so we can actually get to the dining room table. It's a daunting task so I'm blogging instead!

Even if we don't find a buyer I figure, at the least, I will have a clean house for a time!


Morgan the Muse said...

ooh, that is exciting. I never hear what is going on in your guys' lives anymore. Stupid job. Yell at Paul for me, I was on for approximately an hour last night by myself. :P But it sounds like you guys were busy, so I guess it is alright. We had to do some cleaning of our own, one of my mom's cousin's moved into our spare bedroom. :3 But I think that room is bigger than your whole house, so it's alright.

Kim said...

He would have been a dead man if he had played last night. This whole selling the house thing was his idea so he should do at least some of the work. Unfortunately since he had to go to work today Malachi and I have to finish the cleaning. Lorna deserted me today too, she's at the vet with the horse trainer she works for :(

Lisa said...

That is exciting, the moving, not the cleaning;)

Hope you find what you need, where you need to be!