Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Name that stone fruit!

I need help.

Does anyone know what kind of stone fruit this is?

We received a number of them in our weekly produce box but cannot figure out what they are. I'm not adventurous enough to eat them without knowing what they are and how to tell if they are ready to eat!


Morgan the Muse said...

uhm... safe to say... I have no idea.

Marie N. said...

No clue! A quick web search of CA stone fruits introduced me to the world of interspecifics. Never heard on those before!

I'd be curious to cut one open and see what it smells like. It really looks like an apple to me. Is it firm like a crisp apple?

Kim said...

They smell like nectarines and I have since found out that they are Saturn nectarines, an Asian fruit that has become popular in the last few years. They aren't nearly as good as a regular nectarine so they are still sitting in the crisper :)