Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lower taxes?

Most people would rejoice if they received the notice we received in the mail. Our county has lowered the value on our house by $52,000 for tax purposes. Wow! Lower taxes and we didn't even have to ask. But I wonder what this means for us as we are trying to sell our house. I don't think it's anything good.

In case anyone was wondering how the whole trying to sell in this market is going... it's not. We haven't had even one showing. I guess there were initially a few calls but nothing since. We've even tried lowering the price but to no avail. So I guess we will be living here indefinitely. This is a very depressing thought! At least we won't have to pay so much in taxes each year!


Ted said...

I think it is a blessing, considering the number of people squeezed by property taxes, especially where I live in Texas. Maybe later, you could build on to the house, and increase the value if you want to sell it.

Kim said...

I wish that was true Ted.

We have no equity in the house and owe way more than it is worth at this point. We need a new well if we are going to continue to live here full time, but even if we could come up with the $30,000 required to get one put in there is no way we could recoup that kind of expense by selling. Adding on isn't feasible because of the way the house was placed on the property and the house is presently only 600 sq ft.

We were hoping to sell it as a vacation home since that is what our community it built around and it is all the house can really sustain at present.