Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I learned something last night, humor is generational.

The Sweet Adeline's chapter Lorna and I belong to does a yearly ice cream social. Last year was the first time I saw or was a part of the show. It was based around a larger show that was taking place later in the fall. The mini show was sort of corny but not too bad.

This year's show is downright slapstick. I just don't find it funny and my 13 year old finds it downright stupid. Think "I Love Lucy" kind of slapstick. Talking it over with Paul we've come to the conclusion that humor can be generational. I think it can also be regional. We don't find this stuff funny because we grew up with dark, dry humor.

If I had seen this type of show prior to joining this group I would have never attended my first rehearsal. I want to sing. I enjoy the performances where we get up in front of a group of people and focus on singing well and performing choreography that adds to the music not stuff that detracts. But as I was told last night, that's not entertaining enough and people don't want to come to hear us sing. I find that funny since we are supposed to be a chorus!


Morgan the Muse said...

That is odd that singing is not enough... well, I like slapstick alright, and I love Red Skelton, but I like anything that makes me laugh. And I am pretty easily entertained. But I do find it rather disagreeable that it is not enough for you guys to just... sing.

Lisa said...

I think we do influence our children's style of humor. My husband and I have dry, sarcatstic types of humor, which is sometimes also too subtle for others, ie Monty Python and other British type humor, our daughter has the exact same humor as us:)