Monday, October 19, 2009

October Gymkhana

The kids had another good gymkhana show this past Saturday.

Malachi and Amigo continue to do well. They are running solid A times and Malachi has informed me he is happy with where he is at. He's not very competitive which totally baffles his sister. Amigo is capable of running consistent AA times and maybe even AAA times but Malachi just isn't very interested. I'm happy as long as they are running clean patterns and Malachi continues to enjoy himself.

Lorna's new horse, Studmuffin, did exceptionally well. He's running straighter and is still enjoying the work. Lorna enjoys riding him because he doesn't fight and tries to do everything she asks. I wouldn't be surprised if they speed up and start running consistent A times by the end of this season. It will take a bit more work to get him running the patterns a little more cleanly but he did really well considering this was only his second show.

Sierra is doing better. She threw a 3 year old tantrum during barrels, deciding halfway through the pattern that she was done. Other than that she bumped up into A times in 2 of the events which was a first. Lorna is pleases with her progress so she will continue taking her to shows this year.

Once the upcoming endurance ride is over we are going to be making a few decisions where Lorna's training is concerned. The gymkhana trainer she's been working with has made it very clear that she doesn't like Sierra, or any mustang for that matter. It makes for an impossible situation where lessons are concerned. We are looking at other instructors in the area in the hopes that they can help Lorna and Sierra get past their issues. Maybe a change of venue will help them both get past this road block they seem to have hit. Since Lorna is so competitive it has been difficult to watch all the other kids pass her by. Everyone seems to be getting better and faster while she seems to be standing still and even though she doesn't complain I've noticed she isn't happy. We looked at a number of horses before Lorna bought Studmuffin but it's difficult to choose a horse for 2 very different types of riding. She had the opportunity to purchase a patterned solid AA gymkhana horse but she passed it up to purchase Studmuffin. Although she doesn't regret the decision I wonder if we made a mistake, she would be enjoying gymkhana so much more if she wasn't stuck with two horses that are running FC times. I know that in a few years things will be better but when you are 13 a few years seems like forever.

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Morgan the Muse said...

That sounds frustrating. I can imagine that she is confused by her brother's attitude, I would be. I hope you find someone who is awesome and totally floor that other trainer. Unless that seems too vindictive, then I hope then I just hope that it all works out.