Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Procrastination and Motivation

I should probably say lack of motivation!

I can't seem to make myself get anything done recently. I read books for fun, I cook when I have to, and school is getting done on a regular basis but that's about it. We have just reached a milestone, 3 years in one place. This the longest we have lived anywhere since we got married. I wonder if that has anything to do with my detachedness. I don't have a move to plan for or anything to really look forward to right now, so I've fallen into a rut.

One thing I'm hoping will help is redecorating each room. Nothing really fancy but maybe new paint and curtains. I want to start with our bedroom which is the only room we haven't done anything to since we moved in. Of course before I do that we really should get a new bed, the springs along the edge of the mattress have broken and are poking out the sides. Since it's obvious we aren't going to sell the house I really want to make it a home and not some place we detest so much. I really think our dislike for where we live affects our attitudes about everything. I'm hoping to change that!

Paul's new job is going spectacularly. His new company has been so helpful and actually called to ask if he was doing okay and needed anything! This wasn't his boss but corporate! The pay has been better than originally promised and the support has been wonderful. I'm really happy that things are going so well but I can't seem to get excited about anything.

I guess that's not completely true. I'm excited about the new puppy I got last week.

I rescued him from the shelter and I couldn't be happier with Jasper. He listens well, he's almost completely house trained, he's quiet, and he loves everyone.
All he really wants to do is lay next to me wherever I am. This has gone a long way toward improving my outlook, now I just need to get motivated!


Glenda said...

Isn't it annoying when it is sooo hard to get motivated?!?!?!

I hope new paint and curtains does the trick (or even dreaming/planning about them). We've lived here for about 6 years and I still haven't painted our bedroom, I just can't decide for sure what I want. Oh well. Post pictures for us when you do some decorating!

Marie N. said...

Jasper looks like such a good, friendly dog. I like the name too!