Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Once in a while this is what I run across in the kids' education.

Last week the chorus had a coach come in from out of town. Lorna and I have a private voice lesson with her before rehearsal. During that lesson she asked Lorna to sing "You Are My Sunshine" which she didn't know. She then asked her to sing "Mary Had A Little Lamb" which was another thing Lorna didn't know. This happened a few months ago with "My Country Tis Of Thee". It seems I have forgotten to teach what I consider "cultural" songs. Things that everyone just seems to know.

Speaking of schooling I guess it's time I sit down and plan out our school year. I admit that I've really dropped the ball on formal schooling at the moment. The kids are still reading books and doing other school type things but no book work. This is yet another area that has suffered greatly since I started working. Not only has our diet rapidly deteriorated but time to do necessities like school planning and laundry has disappeared.

I told the feed store that I just couldn't work this week. I'm scheduled 5 days at the market and the little time I have off I need to keep my sanity. My working part time has morphed into full time, sometimes over 40 hours, because I have a problem saying, "No." When I work too many hours we don't actually see a monetary gain because we spend the money eating out due to not having enough time to cook. I'm still trying to strike a balance between working too much and not enough. Hopefully I'll get this straightened out soon.

On a really happy note we found a great church to attend! Right now we are averaging once a month because that seems to be how often I can get a Sunday off work but we are hoping to eventually make it twice a month. It's not as close as I could wish but it's a wonderfully solid church and the distance isn't so great that we can't manage it.

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