Sunday, August 06, 2006

Good Day

We had a great day and I just had to share it here.

We spent the morning at church, which is usually great, and the afternoon with friends. Even though all of our friends are so different it's great to get together and be with people that can accept us for who we are, especially since we are so weird! It's not often that we are accepted and we feel so truly blessed to be with people that do so readily.

To top it off we had a great lunch at one of our friend's homes which made dealing with our kids so much easier. It's just so much more relaxing to know that I can talk and not have to worry about the kids getting into trouble. That's not always the case when we go out, they are normally well behaved but I constantly worry that their boredom will drive them to misbehave.

Just an update on the house in escrow...

The date of closing has been rescheduled for August 31st. Supposedly all the agreed upon work will be completed and everything will be in place so we can close. We found an absolutely perfect property in between all of this but even if we had the ability to pull out of escrow this new property cannot be financed. It does give us something to dream about though, some day I want to live like that!

In case you are interested here is the listing.

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