Thursday, October 19, 2006

Feeling sorry for myself

I know it sounds all whinny and pathetic but I'm lonely.

The last month Paul has been home most of the time. He would go over to train his mom on the computer and work on insurance jobs as they came up but then that died out (he was let go) and I had him to myself. I have become very accustomed to spending my days with him working on the new house.

But today he started his new job and I'm at the rental with the kids. One car means we have to stay here while he is out in the real world. So I'm feeling lonely. The job is a good thing, he has to work so I can stay home, but adjustments to our schedule are always difficult.

I should be excited, all the major stuff is done at the new house and we start moving our stuff in today. But I can't seem to get motivated about packing. I think I'm just being hormonal which usually means I'm needy and lonely, bad timing for this to come on now!

To make things worse I've had no email for hours. How can such a busy email list and all my friends just vanish when I need a distraction? Bad timing all around. Okay enough complaining, I really do need to pack. Or maybe I'll just go back to bed with my favorite book...and some chocolate!

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Susan said...

Ah, Kim, I'm sorry you're missing your sweetheart! That's hard, isn't it?

I tried checking your blog on Thursday, but my computer kept crashing throughout Thur and Fri, and now I finally see your note. I wish I could've given you a big cyberhug on Thursday. Not that that's any substitute for a real live husband, though.

I hope you've had a little bit of self-indulgence and are a little more upbeat. And I hope the moving is going well.