Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Flooring continued

We have been not so diligently working on the flooring. We took a few days off to attend church and relax with friends. We are very blessed to have friends that allow us to invade their home on a semi-regular basis and stay the night. Since church is over 3 hours away, it makes it so much easier to spend the night. The drive is much more bearable.

Since we were gone Sunday and part of Monday we didn't make it up to the house until yesterday. I admit we procrastinated and didn't actually get there until after lunch. But we got a tremendous amount of work done. We finished the hallway and only have the tiny kitchen and entryway to finish. The quarter round will go in after that along with all the other end moldings. We did have a few setbacks, the door moldings on 2 doors need to be replaced as the wood split when we were undercutting the frames. Frustrating but very minor.

We are still fighting with the pedestal sink. The drain doesn't want to seal properly so we are going to completely dismantle it and start over again. I'm really hoping we can get it finished this week.

Paul got a call yesterday for a job interview this morning. We are really hoping this works out. He is completely qualified for the job and it is really low pressure sales. The position he has been chasing is much more high pressure. The more pressure the more money but we both agree that we would be happier with less money and stress. I am anxiously waiting for him to come home and tell me how it went.

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