Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Phone Service Frustrations

We called to set up the phone in our new house last week. We ended up using a third party connection service because it saved us the $46 connection charges and we got a really good deal on unlimited long distance. At the time we called, the anticipated date was October 10th. They said we would receive a confirmation package in the mail, we never did.

We did receive an email over the weekend. It confirmed what we ordered and said they would set up service on the 24th! I was a little annoyed. We had already had issues with our address because they couldn't match the post office records, which makes sense since the whole area doesn't have mail service. I called Verizon yesterday to see about getting the service turned on sooner. They were less than helpful. One lady said it might be because of the weather. I was confused since we have been clear and sunny for months. Another asked if it was new construction, when I said it wasn't she said that was the problem. What difference does it make? Finally the last person we talked to said it was because they are a nationwide company and they are very busy. How does their service offerings in New York affect getting our phone here?

It comes down to the fact they don't want to help and know we can't go with anyone else. We have one car which Paul takes to work, no cell phone, and live in a remote area with a child with a medical condition but they don't care we will be cut off for long periods of time. Nice company.

We found it very easy to set up satellite internet though, they will be here on Monday.

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