Tuesday, September 30, 2008


There is something that just jumped out at me as I've been reading blogs over the past week or so. There seem to be huge differences in the blogs of people who support McCain and in those who support Obama. Now this isn't a scientific study but I read a number of blogs that fall into the camp of one or the other based on the banners I see. In fact I think I read more blogs of overt Obama supporters than I do for McCain supporters. The difference is that McCain supporters seem to be more vitriolic in their writing. Political posts seem to be more prevalent and they want to point fingers more. They seem to think that life as we know it is going to cease to exist if Obama gets elected. Obama supports don't seem to see it quite the same way. They may occasionally post a link to an article or make a statement or two, but they post about a multitude of other things. They don't seem to be pointing fingers as much and they certainly don't feel that life is going to change much if McCain gets into office. They just seem less in your face. I find it interesting that the current talk about the economy has less finger pointing for Obama supporters and focuses more on changes that should be made to fix the economy. As anyone who has read my posts here knows I don't support either of these candidates so I'm not leaning toward either camp, I'm more a third party voter. Just something I found interesting...

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