Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I was tired of hearing about the election last year, so the increase in the frequency of it is being mentioned now is even more frustrating. I'm tired of hearing about the fact that you have to vote for one of the two major candidates or you are wasting your vote; and I'm tired of people who are supporting a candidate not because of their platform but because they dislike the other guy.

I will be voting for a third party candidate. I think the only wasted vote is one that isn't cast. I going to vote for the presidential candidate that has a platform closest to my beliefs on what I'd like to see happen in this country. So I'm going to vote for someone, not based on their likelihood of being elected, but on what they want to accomplish while they are in office. Then I'm going to sit back and relax because ultimately God is in control and will use whoever is in office for His plans. If God can use Pharaoh, He can use anyone.

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