Friday, September 19, 2008


I finally got the school planning done, it took 4 days because we had some unexpected stuff come up. I tried to avoid planning much on Fridays so it's still our free day to finish things up and do some fun projects. The planning sheet looks like there are a lot of subjects but when I tallied up the number of hours we will actually be doing school each day, it is still only 2-3 hours. I'm planning on starting school next week which is really late for us, but life just got in the way.

I have good news for those who are missing all the horse photos, there will be more after tomorrow. The first gymkhana of the season is tomorrow. We are all really excited and Malachi is very nervous since it will be his first time riding. Lorna has some times to beat and a title to uphold. She was #10 overall in our club last season, she won High Points Champion in her division, and she won awards for the best times in 7 events in her division. She walked away with a plaque, a new breast collar, and lots of gift certificates. Her goal for this season is to beat her own best times and, of course, her little brother :)

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