Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Catching Up

The last few weeks have been filled with horses, horses, and more horses!

Last week we attended a horse expo in Pomona. It was incredible but very tiring. We looked at most of the 300 vendors that were there, attended a few presentations, and just enjoyed the beautiful weather. It was a very long day since it was 3.5 hours from home but well worth the drive.

The training with Sierra is continuing to progress. She is loading in the trailer better and better each time. She is walking and trotting without too many problems but she doesn't want to lope. She's still very young so she has great days and lots of stubborn days. But overall Lorna is very pleased with her progress.

Saturday we took all 3 horses down to the trainer's facilities. While there Lorna exercised 2 other horses since her trainer is recovering from surgery. One of the horses is a new halflinger pony. He's really cute and has been named Malachi in honor of our son.

Training with the pony Lorna's been helping out with has come to a standstill for now. There is some question about whether it will continue or not since he's just not taking to things well. He is really spooky and is not calming down at all. One way or another Lorna will continue working with her trainer helping out with the horses. It's amazing the differences I can see in her over the last month. She has become much more assertive and self-assured. She's thoroughly enjoying the challenges these horses are presenting and actively working towards learning more in order to become a better rider. Watching her interact with her trainer, listening and learning, has been a real joy. And of course my mommy heart just soars when the trainer tells me how great she's doing and how much she enjoys her company!

Besides horse stuff we've been working on the chicken coop. The only thing left on the coop itself is the roof. It will need to be painted soon but since we are expecting a storm to come in tomorrow it will have to wait till next week. The chicks are shipping today and should be arriving sometimes over the next 2 days. I'm really excited. I plan on keeping them in the house for the first few weeks and then they will be moved into the coop.

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Morgan the Muse said...

yeah, we used to keep the new chicks inside for a few days. We might still, I do not know... we have not got new chicks in a few years. :3 We probably will this spring though, since our herd? Flock? Our group are getting rather old.

We also used to keep newborn goats in our bathroom. I would not recommend that. Chicks are much better.