Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Training continues

The last 2 days with the horses have been very stressful. Sunday we tried to trim Sierra's hooves, what a nightmare. After 2.5 hours of fighting I was able to get them rasped down a bit but I still want to round the edges off a bit so we can great rid of a few flares. Yesterday she decided she didn't want to load in the trailer. She trailered great last week but yesterday she acted like she had never seen the trailer before. Once we got her to the trainer's facility she did great under saddle so we are really pleased with that aspect of her training. Sierra now goes forward when asked to and stops pretty well. Since she is so young it's like dealing with a toddler, she has good days and not so good days. The amount of time Lorna spends on her back is really short because of her age. She spends most of her training time tied to a hitching post since she still doesn't like standing still. We had another fight getting Sierra back in the trailer to go home.

The pony Lorna is working with fell over on her yesterday after getting spooked. She would have been fine if he hadn't smashed her nose in the process of getting up. Lorna is alright but her nose is swollen and will probably be bruised in a few days. We are taking today off because everyone needs a break!

We upgraded the fencing in Sierra's pen over the weekend. We originally had barbless wire but I didn't like the way she was pushing at it so we upgraded to poly strapping made for equine fencing. It's not working, she pushes against it and tries to walk through it when she's mad so today we are adding wood in-between the strapping. I've even considered adding electric poly tape to the top of the fence but that will be a very last resort. Someday we will be able to afford pipe corrals and I won't have to worry about fencing quite so much.

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Morgan the Muse said...

Oh, ouch. She was lucky though, that iwas only her nose. Still, though. Ouch.