Saturday, March 14, 2009

Crazy Week

We have an enormously busy week planned. I don't think we've ever been this busy and I'm just not sure whether to look forward to everything or not.

We start off the crazy week with a Sweet Adeline's performance tomorrow afternoon. This should be fun since there is no pressure.

Our Monday plans will just confirm my insanity since we are picking up this little cutie.

For once gaining a horse wasn't my idea. Paul picked this little filly out last weekend and we spent the week preparing for her arrival. She is a 7 month old mustang that we are adopting from the BLM. This will bring our horse total up to 4, but one is only a foster for the moment. Our foster horse, Hot Stuff (formerly known as Cricket), is doing really well. She's become very friendly and affectionate. We're still working on getting her "de-spooked" which is going to be a long process.

Tuesday's activity is no fun, our propane tank is getting switched out and refilled. We are switching companies because I'm very unhappy with the service we were receiving. The new company is bringing a much smaller tank which will at least keep the cost of filling down.

Wednesday is the one day with absolutely nothing planned! I may just have to stay in bed all day.

Thursday holds the most exciting event since my mom, step-father, and grandmother will be arriving for a visit. They will get here in time to hear Lorna and I sing that night. We have a regional competition for Sweet Adeline's at the end of the month and Thursday is our dress rehearsal where we invite the community to come hear us sing.

Friday we get to drive Sierra down to the vet to have her knees x-rayed. There isn't anything wrong with her, this will tell us how long until Lorna can start working her a bit harder. Right now she is being ridden at a walk for about 20 minutes 3 times a week. We really want to make sure not to push her beyond her physical abilities and the x-rays will make sure we keep her sound.

Saturday is a gymkhana show. Since we are running 9 events it's going to be a long day. The exciting thing is that this is the first show my family has been able to attend! The kids are very excited to show off what they can do.

Somewhere in there I need to get the chicken run finished. The chickens have started pecking at each other so I really think getting them outside will help. They will be 6 weeks old this week and have gotten really big.

Since the weather has been so nice I think they will be okay to get out from under the brooder lights.

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Morgan the Muse said...

Yeah, that is busy. And those poulets (this is not spelled right, is it? Firefox is not giving me any handy correct spelling, either) are looking good! We will be getting new chicks soon, hopefully. It is the time for it!

I will have to give Paul a hard time for picking out a horse. But she looks pretty.