Sunday, March 08, 2009

March Gymkhana

Yesterday was the first gymkhana we've attended since last September. In fact it was only Malachi's second one. It wasn't held in our valley so it was a really long day, we were gone over 12 hours.

This was also Lorna's first show on Sierra, they did great! We've only had Sierra for 8 weeks and when we got her she hadn't been ridden before. I think all total Lorna only has about 15 rides on her, with those rides being 15-30 minutes. There was only 1 event where they got a no time. Even though Sierra backed through the timing poles just as they started their run, Lorna made her go through the entire pattern anyway. The biggest problem Lorna had with her was when she decided to bolt once she was finished with the pattern and was on the way back to the gate. Overall though she did better than we ever could have hoped for. Since this was Lorna's first gymkhana since Ginger passed away there were lots of tears. I think it really helped that there weren't any memories at this particular arena. Hopefully with this show under her belt, Lorna will enjoy the local show in two weeks.

Malachi did extremely well. He beat all his previous times and seemed to enjoy himself. Amigo has gotten so used to being around other horses and doing the events that he didn't give Malachi any problems.

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Morgan the Muse said...

Sounds like a fun, long day. Glad it went well, and that you guys finally got back to it.