Monday, March 02, 2009


Paul was greeted with this when he came home today.

Sierra loves everyone!

We picked up our foster horse today and had lots of excitement. This is Cricket, she is about a year older than Sierra. She is a mustang from the Black Mountain herd here in CA. She has been handled and walked into our trailer without any problem, but she is very spooky.

The other horses were very excited to see her.

Sierra was a little too excited to see her. Sierra broke the chain that holds the gate closed, ran between Lorna and Cricket, and spooked her. Since she ran between the two of them Lorna no longer had the lead rope. Paul went after Cricket in the truck while the kids and I caught Sierra who thought it was great fun to run in circles around us. Sierra decided to finally stop for a bite to eat so Lorna was able to get a halter on her and put her in our bottom pasture. Cricket was a little more difficult to catch. We finally found her a couple of blocks away eating weeds on someone's property. Paul walked her home and we decided that was enough excitement for one day!

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Morgan the Muse said...

I could see how that could be a person in the car...