Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Jr Queen competition

Lorna has decided to run for Jr Queen at the local team penning.

The riding and interview will be the easiest thing for her, the most difficult thing is the raffle ticket and sponsorship sales. She is required to sell 200 raffles tickets.

Willingly speaking to people and asking them for things is not something I thought I'd ever see her do. The last few months of interning and volunteering at various places has made a tremendous difference though. She has visited 3 businesses so far and received two maybes and one sponsorship. Not a bad start. The vet's office is tomorrow and they have already offered to take some tickets to sell to their customers when Lorna isn't there, Lorna will also be asking them for a sponsorship while she's there. We have a Sweet Adeline's mini-show tonight and the directors have agreed to allow Lorna a few minutes afterward to ask the audience for support. She has also spoken with a restaurant owner in the valley who is just waiting for the printed information to decide what level she will sponsor Lorna at, so I guess she really has 2 sponsorships!

I'm so proud of Lorna for stepping out of her comfort zone to pursue something she really wants! I'll be posting pictures of the practice sessions over the next few months, it should be fun to watch her try to pen a cow!

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Anonymous said...

That is very cool! Congratulations on raising such an awesome daughter!