Monday, July 20, 2009


Things here are getting back to normal, sort of. I'm up and about a lot more. I've resumed going to Sweet Adeline's rehearsals and Lorna has had a few rides that I've sat through but I'm still sleeping a lot. Today I'm going to try to drive myself to a music meeting, we'll see how that goes since I'll have to forgo the pain meds until I get home.

Lorna's had a rough week where riding is concerned. It's been really hot (105+) so she hasn't been able to ride much, the trainer she interns with has been busy with breeding the last month or so we haven't been going over there much, and she tried out a horse on Friday where some hurtful things were said about her riding ability during the trial. She ended her week on a good note though, she was able to go out riding on Saturday. She rode a horse that she hadn't ridden before and did well. The best part of it was that I got a glimpse of the happy girl I know is in there but that I haven't seen much of lately. The big smiles and chatter afterward reminded me why we do this. She learned a tremendous amount and is looking forward to trying an endurance ride in October.

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