Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Amigo's First Lesson

Amigo and Malachi had their first lesson together.

It started out a little shaky since Amigo is not sure whether he likes the trailer or not. The entire drive he kept calling to Ginger and looking over the partition making sure she wasn't going anywhere without him. By the time we got to the instructor's home he was shaking like a leaf. He calmed down as he was brushed and saddled.

We are so blessed to have such a great instructor! She helped Malachi with his new saddle, punching more holes in the stirrups since they weren't short enough. She is always full of positive comments and help, going out of her way to make sure the kids are happy.

Amigo and Malachi playing with the ball.

It was a great lesson. Amigo spent about 45 minutes trail riding with the group and the rest of the time running gymkhana events. The flags were a bit scary for him but he will get over his fear of them soon enough. He even did a few low jumps!

Malachi and Amigo jumping.

Ginger and Lorna had a great lesson too. Ginger jumped a few low jumps. Considering that she used to just plow through them, knocking everything over, it was a dramatic improvement. Lorna has come a long way and not just with her riding. She got up the courage to ask her instructor if she could ride one of her Chincoteague ponies and she was rewarded with a long ride on Gracie :) This particular pony is green broke, having been under saddle for about 30 days, and is doing wonderfully. Lorna was so pleased that she was trusted to ride her.

Lorna and Ginger jumping.

Lorna on Gracie.

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