Monday, July 14, 2008


Since we live in the desert it can be months between rain showers. The last time we had rain was sometime in March. The last few days we have had showers in the afternoon. The first day was a good amount of rain but not too much. Of course we all went to the windows to watch it fall for the first 10 minutes of so. Yesterday we had even more rain, enough to realize we have a leak in the ceiling above the couch :) The clouds are rolling in again today and I hope we get as much or more than yesterday.

The air over the past 4 days or so has been really humid as well. Between the humidity and the clouds the temps have stayed in the high 90s, a huge improvement over the really dry triple digit temps we had before this weather system moved in. When it's really dry I find myself laying around a lot more, unable to do very much. The high humidity leaves me with more energy so theoretically I can get more done. Of course that's all theoretical, all I seem to be doing is reading more and sleeping less.

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Dakotapam said...

That is so funny Kim, I do better in a dry heat and humidity makes me want to sit in a pool and veg...