Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hello HughesNet!

We took the plunge yesterday and had HughesNet install a new dish on our roof. As some of you might remember we already had satellite internet with Wildblue. I'm glad to be rid of their horrible service. The connection they provided was never all that great and the slightest little cloud would knock our connection out. The speeds we received were almost always a small fraction of what they advertise. The final straw was when our TRIA went bad, an ongoing problem for Wildblue customers. With that little piece malfunctioning it was impossible to stay connected for any length of time. They offered to fix it for $120 and a new 12 month contract. Since the last thing I wanted was to be stuck with them for another 12 months I figured it was time to switch!

So far our connection seems incredibly fast. I normally spend 2 hours in the morning reading various blogs, it took me only 45 minutes this morning and I even got to see all the pics and videos I usually have to skip. All satellite internet companies have a max you can download in a given period, one of the great things we found out was that we have unlimited downloads between 12 and 3 am. Since we are "night owls" this works out well :)

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BlueMan said...

Its a shame you had such a bad experience. It seems like everyone has mixed experiences with satellite based on reviews at Broadband Reports.

If anyone is curious to learn more about WildBlue, MyBlueDish Satellite Internet has a great Q&A.