Sunday, December 07, 2008


Lorna was given the opportunity to assist her riding instructor in breaking one of her horses. This particular horse is a Chincoteague gelding who is around 4 years old. The instructor has done the groundwork with him, getting him used to a halter, being tied, having a saddle on his back, etc. Before yesterday no one had actually been up on him.

She started out with just lifting herself up in one stirrup and petting the horse and then getting down. It progressed from there to actually swinging on completely and then getting off again. At the end of the time she rode him while being "ponied" by the older horse and her instructor. It was a really great thing to watch. Lorna had this huge smile on her face the entire time, which is a rare occurrence for her. Her instructor was very pleased with the way Lorna worked and listened so she will continue helping with the training of the horse.

Lorna is hoping to make this her career when she grows up so this opportunity is just incredible. Weather permitting Lorna will be going back tomorrow to work with the horse some more. This is what I had envisioned for her during her later years of homeschooling, the opportunity to learn skills from others in the community.


Jane said...

What an awesome opportunity! Very cool.

Marie N. said...

That is a great opportunity! I'm hoping my daughter can find a baker willing to let her volunteer in the shop in a few years.