Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I know it's almost a crime to admit it but I've been so bored! I really dislike this time of year, all activities are canceled and everyone is so busy nothing is going on. Of course with all the holidays the library deliveries are few and really slow so I'm just about out of books (our library is only open 2 days a week).

I'm going to make myself put up the Christmas tree tomorrow, it takes about 10 minutes to decorate since it's about 2 feet tall. I'm debating whether or not to wrap the presents, it seems like a huge waste of paper and doesn't exactly fit with my desire to use less resources. Our plans for going to church on Thursday aren't looking good, we're pretty reigned to the fact that we aren't going because of the weather. In one way I'm really disappointed but not having to get up at 4:30 in the morning so we can be there by 9 is really nice. I have to admit that I rarely look forward to going for that reason, it makes for a long and exhausting day.

On the up side I've gotten lots of reading done and I've cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom. Since there isn't much of anything going on for the rest of the week I figure I should be able to deep clean the rest of the house.


Glenda said...

Well, I'm not bored Kim, but I am enjoying that activities are done for a couple of weeks, no music lessons, or swim club practices, or speech therapies to attend. The downside for me is that then library books are almost always then over due, and I tend to run out of several things because my library and grocery runs are always during the other goings on.

As for wrapping, you're a handy sewer and this might solve your using less, but wrapping gifts dilemma. My good friend shared it with me. She made cloth gift bags in various Christmas prints and various sizes. They re-use these each year, with only little paper to wrap the extras. She said she really enjoys the comments from the kids, "Remember last year (or however many years ago) when I got that wonderful (insert gift)in that bag. I wonder what it is this year."

Now she doesn't use the same bag for the same person each year, but the bags all get used again and again each year. At one point during Advent she sets all the wrapping supplies out and lets each child (who is capable) wrap the gifts they need and then she helps those who can't and of course does her own.

I've always said I would do this, but it is something I've never gotten around to doing. Maybe it will work for you. If you do make them, post a picture so I can enjoy your sewing skills, like I enjoyed the placemats.

Morgan the (Almost) Muse said...

hey, I was thinking, I have read several alternatives than wrapping paper, like pieces of cloth, you tie up the ends with ribbon instead of wrapping it. And the brown paper from shopping bags and in shipped things, print on them and viola! Pretty slick wrapping paper. Because you have to hide it somehow... you could do what my father tends to do... leave it in the bag that you bought it in. :D

Kim said...

Thanks for the wrapping ideas. I did make cloth gift bags for all our exchange presents this year, more to get people thinking than anything. I have lots of old Christmas fabric left over from projects I've either finished or never got around to. Maybe I'll make bags since I don't have anything else to do :)