Monday, January 05, 2009


We watch a lot of movies. Mostly at night either while I'm cooking or while we are eating dinner. We definitely make good use of Netflix usually watching whatever came in the mail that day. Here is a list of some of the movies we've enjoyed recently.

Mama Mia!
We watched it twice this weekend. I absolutely love the music.

This one was just a lot of fun, Malachi laughed through the whole thing.

Definitely, Maybe
This one is cute and the ending was a great surprise.

I know this has some bad reviews but we absolutely loved it.

This one has a lot of sexual references but it was a very good story.

This is a great independent film.

If you are looking for things to watch with the family make sure you check out the ratings before ordering. We are very lax about what we let our kids watch so what we think is appropriate may not be for your family. If you have Netflix there is a great feature on each movie's page that tells you specifically why a movie was given the rating it has.

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