Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Coop Pictures

The coop has been coming along quickly since the weather has been so nice. The trim is on so the remaining projects are the roof, people door, windows, and the pop door for the chickens. I haven't been able to get any mis-tint paints from the hardware store so we will probably end up using some left overs from previous projects.

Here is what it look like right now.

We have taken some time out from building to get the kids a riding lesson. Since the weather has been cooperating Lorna has been able to continue working with her instructor on gentling that pony. She was able to work with him on Thursday and Friday and will be going back on Monday. At this point she has started riding without being on a line attached to the instructor's horse. They went around the neighborhood on Friday and both the pony and Lorna did great.

We have decided that it's time to start looking for a more challenging mount for Lorna. Her skill has progressed to the point that her older mare just isn't challenging her anymore. Even though we have been told that now is a great time to buy a horse our initial search hasn't turned anything up. In fact a horse we were supposed to go look at today was sold last night. I guess it will be another lesson in patience!

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Morgan the Muse said...

That coop is coming along very well! I am sure it will be great.
We are trying to get a horse, a real one, not just the super-concentrated horse we have. A guy my father works with has had one given to him, so we are thinking of looking at this guy and seeing if we like him. A stud, though. Scary thought. He would not be a stud for very long. But, hopefully you guys will find one soon, I would think with the economy, people would be getting rid of their money eating machines pretty readily. Except for us, of course. Have to have them all, here. Anyway, it is almost one and I can tell, because I think I just left a comment that was nearly longer than the post itself. So, uh, have a great day! ...